Our Dream…
Our dream is simple:  Bring Punjab into everyday life and home.  Sat Sri Akal.  Welcome to RADIO SADEAALA 87.8FM.  Punjabis are a growing population in NZ.  Not only our people migrating from Punjab but a new generation of Kiwi-born Punjabs.   RADIO SADEAALA 87.8FM was thus born to bridge the distance from Auckland Aoteroa to Punjab and between Punjab parents and Kiwi-born Punjabi.  This is our dream and now our promise.

Our Voice…

We bring you news, entertainment,  fashion, music and all that is relevant to Punjabis. Current issues that interest you and you wish to make known throughout your neighbourhood and globe, RADIO SADEAALA 87.8FM is the avenue for you to speak and be heard.

Our Sounds…

We cannot be Punjabi without the dhol… almost!  RADIO SADEAALA 87.8FM keeps you up to date on the beats that are sweeping Punjab and swaying the Punjabi.  Whether you reminisce of the songs you danced the bagaa to or looking for a new rhythm to try, RADIO SADEAALA 87.8FM has your tune!

Our People

Our team consists of members from local communities working pro-bono to keep Punjab alive in the home and heart.  What is lacked in experience is tripled in burning passion to keep alive and near our Punjabi heritage and culture.

Our Partners…

Looking for a new salwar suit?  New spices or a favourite delicacy from home?  Check out the choices on air as RADIO SADEAALA 87.8FM brings you our local Punjabi businesses for our custom and support.

Our Prayers…

Last not because it is least but because of its auspiciousness, RADIO SADEAALA 87.8FM we pray together.  Daily morning and evening prayers are on air as well as Sunday live services from Gurdwara Sri Kalgidhar Sahib Takanini 11am  -1pm.

Ours …

Our dream has not changed but it grows bigger.  We are not limited to Aotearoa anymore.  Wherever in the world you are and Punjab you happen to be RADIO SADEAALA 87.8FM endeavours to be with you and bring directly to you the sounds, voices and customs of Punjab.  This is still our promise to you and ourselves.

Join us now.  Put your finger on the dial and get the pulse on all Punjabi.  Tune in to:

South Auckland 87.8FM